The 6 Most Prevalent Poker Beliefs

Victoria Corren Mitchell, the first two-time winner of the European poker tour, wrote. It`s strange that poker players are so superstitious. During her half-life, they patiently explain why poker should not be gambling like roulette or Lotto; it is a game that depends on skill and judgment, wit and wisdom. But they carry rabbit feet for each tournament that will bring good luck.”

Even if today’s Crushers claim to not believe in superstitions in any way, we rarely have to go into rabbit farms to do strange things.

The following article points out the six poker beliefs still prevalent on the table.

Take the first round

If you split two apes at the first cash game table or tournament, you can expect one of two responses. Most of us experience the euphoria of “The Start Made for Me.” But there are only a few people who feel a lot of fear. Maybe they open their hands before Flop.

“Getting the first hand is bad luck,” is a superstition existing in most card spaces around the world. However, although some people firmly believe in rock, even if it’s your first hand, we can’t recommend you fold the pocket as.

Place change (cash game table)

If happiness waits even after hours of persistence, it may be good for you to change the wallpaper. Many players decide that the misfortune is related to your seat. When the other person eats the happily won port and leaves the table, they take the seat. Now they have Luckouts on their side. Anyway, they believe.

If it doesn’t get any better after that, it probably wasn’t just your day.

Wear the same clothes

We’ve experienced it many times in the last few years. John Hesp, for example, came in a conspicuous (and rather ridiculous) suit at the 2017 World Series of Pokers Main Event.* Only had to finish fourth at the end. Sebastian Sorenson lost the nickname “Scal type” because he hung a Miami Dolphins scarf around his neck at the 2017 Barcelona Focus Stars Championship.

WSOP 2017 John Hesp

If you don’t mind, can you do me a favor? Please wash your lucky shirt before you get tired.

* John Hesp remembers another superstition. After starting his first WSOP main event via Rio Uber, Hesp was sure the driver would bring his luck. He insisted the same person drive every day to Rio de Janeiro. After Hesp reached the final table, it became complicated when it was revealed that he wanted to appoint the above-mentioned Uber driver as his agent/administrator.

Card Protector

From sharks used by Humberto Brenes to fossils trusted by Greg Reimer, poker players have always used card protectors. One is to keep cards hidden and the other is to protect them from misfortunes

Humberto Brenes and his shark

A lucky child

Everyone remembers Johnny Chance Orange. When he decided at the World Series poker main event. But in fact the lucky hero had nothing to do with Chan’s superstition. He used them to hide the smell of cigarettes in the casino.

Still, many poker players take those who bring good luck to the table, whether it’s to let jewellery or miniatures bring good luck to them.

A baby carrier

This may be the latest discovery, but “Baby Luck Strands” seems to be spreading in the poker world. Mike Leah won his first $79K jackpot a few weeks after his child was born, and Steven Chadwick won his first WSOP bracelet this summer. It was also right after his first child was born.

Chadwick was able to bring more than $13 million into the country in 2019. (Among them, there was a 725K dollar success in Prague in December.) Even if we assume he got the money, it’s good to assume that being a father has something to do with it.